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17 Jul 2017 08:14:02
See Wigan drew with Liverpool I wonder if their fans are calling for Klopps head?

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17 Jul 2017 13:04:42
Wow a sense of realism on here Daz 👍

Couldn't agree more . maybe side show bob and WTW have started following Man U after they thrashed galaxy over the weekend

We all need a sense of reality, it's pre season!

17 Jul 2017 13:22:08
Best of it is Kenn it's their 1st friendly altogether as the 1st 1 was split into 2 groups in 2 different friendlies I don't think some people can grasp that thought as I played at a decent level I know what these friendlies mean but I think the other 2 should stick to football manager on their computers or playing blow football.

{Ed007's Note - It does my nut in how serious some fans take friendlies, Daz. Celtic played a CL qualifier in Belfast on Friday night and had a friendly with Lyon on Saturday. Apart from 2 players it was a totally different team full of new signings (4 players made their home debut) and squad players and by the end of the game we had 7 academy players on the park and fans were moaning because we got beat 4-0 with 3 of the goals coming late on in the second half when we had all the kids on.}

17 Jul 2017 14:39:40

It's not the losing that bothers me in friendlys mate,
What I see is the same in most games where Bruce has been manager,
He has had more than double the games in charge than garde who let's face it had no help with buying anybody and was treated very unfairly in my opinion,
De matteo teams played better football than the present one but cound not defend for the 90 mins,
Bruce is not my choice of manager but I said I would give him a fair crack at the job to prove me wrong,
I really hope it works,
But if he sent teams out in a more positive attacking mode I would be happy with that,
I've been a season ticket holder for many many years and I still say this team is strong enough to win the championship but the manager worries me big time with his lack of tactical knowledge.

17 Jul 2017 14:42:47
I find it very amusing when I see other posters slagging me off because of my negativity towards villa!
What I have seen on the pitch since Bruce came in is negative football which has bored me to tears.

I expect much better than this with money spent on squad,
So I'm sorry if I don't agree with most of you because I have my honest opinion on the state of my club.

Of course I want to see us in the premiership and hopefully this year but there has to be a big improvement for that to happen.
Step up Bruce it's your time to show if you really are the real deal or if not bring in someone else who can,
You have had more time than previous manager's to get it right.

17 Jul 2017 14:48:57
It's true ed it really boils my wee wee it gets serious with the last 2 friendlies shape, formation, tactics, and getting the right balance and fitness some people just can't grasp it but eh I suppose these 2 are right and the rest of us are wrong.

{Ed007's Note - They're no more than friendly bounce games to get players fitness up - and my God they're bloody dire to watch! I decided many moons ago I was being mugged off having to pay to watch what's basically no more than a training session and now I don't go even stream them if there's something the Mrs wants to watch on TV.}



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