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17 Jul 2017 00:27:49
Wtw, how can u slag off jose and tony pullis? do u think you can do better you always talk 💩 when are going to say something that means something. u are so negative. i'd love jose and tony pullis at villa . i think you think footballs like football manager mate well it isnt, wake up and see the light don't know what world u live in.

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17 Jul 2017 10:47:41
There is nothing to be positive about Aston Villa they keep making the same mistakes over and over again they have the same bad influences Micah Richards Gabby agbonlahor. They keep picking bad manager after bad manager and after the first six games you will know exactly what I mean. Surely will not lead to belive that the team that come 13th last season I know already to win the league? He's a test for them let's try and beat Barnsley twice 1st.

17 Jul 2017 12:50:52
God I wish you could block people on here.

17 Jul 2017 13:09:48
WTW you are either a wind up merchant or you have a memory of a gold fish

You write posts to get a reaction I'm sure or it

One minute you write positive messages about the upcoming season and renewing your season ticket and supporting the team

The next it's back to moan moan moan, sack the manager!

Unfortunately sir you are a bafoon who just talks continual 💩 If you can't say anything positive then don't say anything at all.

With fans like you we don't need enemies!

17 Jul 2017 13:51:58
I feel in Bruce we have the best championship manager around.
Friendly games are for getting players match fit. Yes we all like to win 5 nil each game but that doesn't happen. People like wtw slamming the team all the time makes me laugh. Because if we smash the league he be first saying he prèdicted it and how great a team/ manager we have.

17 Jul 2017 14:43:11
What amazes me is that Bruce seems to like Richards, gabby, and bacuna,
Now I know it's all about people's opinions but come on these 3 should have gone long ago,
Only trouble there is nobody wants them,
What does that tell you about them?

Gabby will now get another contract due to his goal against the blues?
This is my opinion on these issues but I suppose I'll get dogs abuse for being negative,
Can't wait to see the responses I get!

17 Jul 2017 15:18:49
You don't warrant a response.

17 Jul 2017 16:50:15
I feel sorry for the wives, wev, e only got to put up with it on here Lol .

17 Jul 2017 16:50:18
Mainbob Iam only talking to you here by the way. Facts are we have recruted badly and spent a lot of money and we have picked 2 wrong managers Rdm and Mr Bruce. Last season We was 1 of the lowest scorers in the league because of his borring negative football and we finished 13th so what makes everybody think that we are going to win the league this year? Also I have asked 100s of times and flackie and villa daz don't have a answer what is steve bruces style of play and plan? Me and you are right mate I had this with them When we had Rdm last season b4 it kicked off I said we was in trouble and they said I was negative and guess what rdm put Villa in a lower half then was sacked I got nothing saying sorry you was right they just went on then slating Rdm and saying how great Bruce is. Its got nothing to do with a friendly they are pointless its to do with picking the wrong manager once again! Your manager is your biggest signing if you get it wrong you end up like this.

17 Jul 2017 17:24:43
Your right I agree, you started last season moaning, and you have done the same this year.

You might be talking him on here but sadly everyone gets to read it.

You might be a villa fan, but you are NOT a supporter.
If you can't work out the difference, I pity you.

17 Jul 2017 17:27:57
If you can't see Bruce's style you must be blind! He sets up from the back, solid gk and a solid back line then he gets a solid cm to marshal in front of the back line allowing. The rest of the team to be creative and hopefully go and win the game, keeping it solid at the back keeps us in the game to potentially grab a goal or two. It's a tried and tested and proven recipe for success, if your in doubt check his record.

17 Jul 2017 19:09:51
Apart from last season where is boring negative tactics made us score 1 of the least scorers in the league. When he gets the sack hope you come on here then or will you hide like flackie did with RDM last season when again i knew it wouldn't work. Me and MainBob will not be bullied.

17 Jul 2017 19:18:06
When have I ever hid?
I believe I even have given my seat number in holt to discuss face to face.

If your confused between ignoring the same post over and over again, to hiding then your a fool.

17 Jul 2017 20:00:13
Mate I agree
Sod the rest they know nothing?
I am 66 this year and have supported my team since I was 6, But I don't deserve a reply from bloggers because I talk rubbish!

Some of these on here are deluded if they think the football on offer is acceptable,
I remember the Billy McNeil team who were also useless but I don't blame the players one little bit accept the usual suspects.

Until Bruce realises it's a results business and to get the crowds in a entertainment business as well. I go to every game home and away so I am entitled to my opinion on my team. I like a debate on the villa but it seems we 2 are the outsiders.

17 Jul 2017 21:36:47
Never ever in all my days have I ever heard such a load of complete and utter 💩 In my entire life

How many poeple can possibly moan about a style of play it's unreal!

If you want entertainment there is plenty of massage parlours in edgbaston!

Main bob you go on about being 66 and being entertained watching a game! What your forget is that football now is a business .

Arsenal Wenger plays attractive football but has won diddly squat for a decade .

Mourinho and conte play a similar brand of football to Bruce and grind out results .

I don't mind anyone having an opinion on anything in life. But incessantly moaning about the same old 💩 Day after day is just absolutely rediculous

I see WTW saying how this team finished 13th last season and they aren't good enough!

Bruce isn't good enough, they players aren't good enough, the club isn't good enough . my god if the club we all support is that bad then all the haters just support another team! It's that bloody simple.

17 Jul 2017 21:50:27
I get so incensed by you people living on the past glories . you think we have it bad, maybe you should look at the Leeds and Nottingham Forest fans

There teams have won major honours like ourselves, but have been on the doldrums for a lot longer than we have .

I am a firm believer in negativity breeds negativity . The Lerner era was terrible with the entire club bad to the core

This includes the fans who have become fickle and living in past glories!

We have a new owner who wants the best for us, a man who has put his money where his mouth is!

We are Aston Villa we love the club and should stick together through thick and thin . We shouldn't argue amongst ourselves about our club!

18 Jul 2017 13:23:54
All I hear from the likes of you is that me and wtw should be blocked from posting?
Because you don't like confrontation or you are all right in your comments
All I've seen is insults on myself and wtw,
We talk rubbish and that's all that matters,
I'm old enough to have seen all our major wins in the past and I am privileged to have seen great players and great manager's,
But as I've allready said Bruce is not my favourite but I still want to see success this season,
I tell it what I see on pitch home and away and it's not pretty to see since Bruce came in but I hope things change,
I get annoyed reading some posts on here who seem to all gang up on certain bloggers who don't agree with them for whatever reason,
My answer to this is TOUGH!
Next question!

18 Jul 2017 16:21:48
I have never said you should be blocked main bob!

Also I never hide from confrontation, I just don't agree with the crap you write .

You may well of seen the glories of yester year first hand but that means absolutely nothing .

You and WTW spout the same rubbish time and time again and I will say i disagree with you happily in the knowledge that the majority on here would agree with me

In my book to support a club is to show unwavering backing to a club irrespective.

I am 40 years old have been a villa fan all my life and witness first hand the ups and downs of our club

I have been both viewing and posting on here for several years .

You say that you just don't like Bruce

However let's face it the serial moaners on here haven't liked any manager we have had since Martin O'Neil . maybe that's because we have been awful since Lerner took over!

We now have an owner who is taking an interest, has a good support network around him, has backed the team financially and is doing all he can to get up back up .

In my optinion he is a great owner who has my respect . This respect is enough to offer my support and backing to his choice of manager!

As opposed to just continually moaning about Bruce and his football style of his purchases just back the team with everything you have until the end of the season and the. Judge

If we don't go up or have a poor season, I would envisage that Dr Tony will be lining up the bullet to fire Bruce like he did di Matteo.

18 Jul 2017 16:33:02
To me it's not even that, although I agree totally.
I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, I'm saying give it, but give it once, not on every thread, not on every post.

Don't on Monday say how great things are, then on Tuesday say the opposite, like a certain many named poster.

Also, you say how it's your opinion, your allowed to have it, of which I agree, but don't then bemoan every opinion which a poses you.

18 Jul 2017 17:10:18
Villa kenn

I agree with you on one thing about the owner who I rate very highly,
The rest of your post is garbage in my opinion,
You sound like God,
Me and wtw talking rubbish!
It's all about you being right and everybody else talks utter garbage,
Rant over.

18 Jul 2017 17:19:35
Enough of these biting remarks now I'm getting ready to go down the game
So I better prepare my speech after the game or I might upset the fellow bloggers again?
Can't have that can we not!

18 Jul 2017 17:23:41
No bob it's about being a supporter of the club not mocking it in every single solitary post you put on here!

Which clearly you do

The rest of my post is garbage, wow flabbergasted . atleast I am one thing which is a supporter of the club and my options never waver.

You and WTW change opinion like the wind Changes direction!

You can rant all you like but your rants are clearly another deluded fan who continues to live In the successes of yester year and not the reality of the last 15 years!

And if I sound like god then so be it, if you spoke sense once in a while then I would listen to what you had to say.

18 Jul 2017 18:25:46
Biting remarks bob!

Look forward to your after game blog.

Every day is ground hog day 😂😂.

18 Jul 2017 18:38:03
Bravo master kenn the know all blogger.

18 Jul 2017 19:34:27
You said it Bob! Well atleast we all know where we stand now .

I am master blogger and you are a 66 year old pensioner living on past glories 👍.



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