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12 Jul 2017 22:12:14
Well don't know if anybody seen the friendlys tonight i had both on but wow samba looked slim an sharp worth a punt. Also green was great and lively and hogan was sharp looked great. Soeaking of losing weight ross McCormack fair play his slim and hungry again oh and even gabby got a goal tonight. We have a good team with a full pre season some of these players could really start showing why we brought them. Big thing is the squads to big needs trimming down even if it means taking less money its so hard to work with such a huge squad. All in all top marks tonight can't wait to go to shrewsbury saturday and I have heard a certain John Terry will make a appearence.

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13 Jul 2017 11:35:26
I skipped between the two games but what I saw of samba reminded me of Richards, he seemed slow and out of position at times yes it's pre season but do we need him is the real question, we have plenty of cb's and plenty of youth that would learn bucket loads from a few games sat next to Chester or terry presuming we play two at the back like last night.

13 Jul 2017 16:23:01
Steve Bruce said we are going to play 3 cbks so why did he play 4 4 2 yesturday? We can't play 4 4 2 with terry because he has no pace. Really if Bruce is gona play 3 cbks they should been practicing yesturday so they can get used to it. The players are there if we don't go up its Bruces fault.

13 Jul 2017 17:53:55
It's not like you to turn something negative wtw 🙄.

13 Jul 2017 18:47:02
How is it negative i have praised performances all i said that if we are going to play 3 cbks with wings backs wouldn't it be in our intrest to practice it in friendlys rather just have ago at it 1st game of the season? No negativity here i think we have the best squad in the league by a mile Its up to Bruce to get the best out of them. Facts are we was rubbish last season what do you want me to say we was great when we was losing? People get praise when they deserve it if we are top to 3 or 4 then I will say welldone. Iam not gona say something is great when they lose at home to Barnsley or draw with burton albion or lose to Blackburn even our chairman knows we was rubbish last season hell even Bruce knows so are they negative? Once again we have a top side for this league it should go up top!

13 Jul 2017 21:45:11
The negativity is all the way through the post like the majority of your posts, you could of easily put we have the squad to take us up and it's down to Bruce to ensure this happens (positive) instead you chose to say if we don't go up it's Bruce's fault (negative) this is a common theme with your posts and possibly the reason people disagree with your posts just to spite you as your a kill joy 95% of the time. Your the kind of guy that talks through the game moaning constantly instead of getting behind the lads and encouraging. Positivity is the key to promotion!

13 Jul 2017 23:46:03
Rubbish I go home and away cheering my heart out for this club and I have done for 30 years not missing games when people have left when we been getting tonked iam still there singing i devote my life to this club.

Yes I am not always positive but be fair this club don't give you much to be positive about. But I never slate my team during the match i am fully behind them but after the game I will call it how I see it. If we lose and play awful or the managers made mistakes i will say i won't lie and say Barnsley beat us at home but didn't we do well because whether you like it or not last 5 or 6 years have been negative why because results have been poor so what would you like me to say?

An ed did an end of season review which I think was spot on why didn't you tell them they was negative they say the same as me. As for people just disagree for fun don't bother me anymore as i know a lot are keyboard warriors.

I love my club and it hurts to say negative things but when you was at school if you didn't try and you messed about on parents evening the teacher wouldn't give you a good report because you been crap. She's not being negative she just can't say you been good when you been rubbish.



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