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07 Jul 2017 23:21:11
Daylight robbery. 8m for amavi.
We should be ashamed. What is happening at our club? It's a disgrace.

A left back, who can't tackle
A defender, who can't defend
A wing back who can't cross
An attacker who can't pass

Like I said, daylight robbery, we should be ashamed!

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08 Jul 2017 00:57:06
Haha Omg Flackie we agree on something what's the world coming to? I just hope we never buy anymore French players again there crap Ginola Amavi Pires please no more French players our luck with them is shocking. Flackie just for you Iam going to cheer up Iam a little bit excited for the season now I think you should play def mid Flackie heard your good at putting out fires.

08 Jul 2017 06:45:38
Ahh you heard about my long hose?

08 Jul 2017 09:04:33
Nah Flackie. Everyone just thinks you're a little squirt lol.

We talk about french imports and I agree.

Now let me throw some names out for you. Staunton. mcGrath. Houghton. Townsend. might not mention Cascarino but you get the gist. No nonsense work horses. No prissy cheese eating surrender monkeys who retreat at first sign of trouble.

08 Jul 2017 09:11:20
How rude!

But I agree Irish. I don't get the fascination in this country to have to buy foreign!

08 Jul 2017 09:28:57
Lol you know I have a begrudging respect for ya Flackie.

Until English teams stop going for cheap imports and develop the grass root game instead football will never advance. The number of potentially brilliant players who will never be realised as some cheap import stopped them getting a reserve or first team chance is shocking.

08 Jul 2017 09:31:10
I was hoping you can use it Flackie to help us climb the ladder back to where we belong. So Irish how do you know about Flackies little squirt?

08 Jul 2017 10:29:55
Irish, my lad has been with the baggies since he was 8. Turns 17 in September, and they drop him, he is now with nuneaton.
The reason, more complete options over seas!
The whole system is so set for failure, that it's painful!
My lads whole academy team was released, not one signed!
The clubs try to buy the finished player, rather than teach and train, as the coach, manager and everything in between is so set on not failing, because their jobs are on the line, that they won't polish a gem.
It's a flawed system!

09 Jul 2017 10:10:39
I hear you mate. On a positive though I'd rather my little fella was playing for acrington Stanley than the barcode baggies my friend. He will spend a couple of seasons at Nuneaton, get spotted and then he can stick it to the baggies hard and fast :-)

09 Jul 2017 11:02:34
That's the plan! Thanks mate!

Either way, he is living the, (or my) dream! lol.

09 Jul 2017 20:57:15
Just imagine. He has a good spell in the 2018-2019 season and a newly promoted aston villa snap him up. Seeing him put on the claret and blue and run out on to the sacred turf for the first time would be the second best moment of your life Flackie.



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